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Looking for the best casual iphone RPG game? Avatar Fight is here!

There are not many games for mobile devices that fascinate me. A game has to have many elements in order to qualify for something that can keep me interested for quite some time. What I’m looking for in an iOS game is to be casual, have a sense of continuity (upgrades, achievements, etc. etc…) and multiplayer features.

You might ask why casual? Well for two reasons! One being that I can’t spend a lot of time gaming and the last thing I need is to play on a 3.5 inch screen for 10 hours! The second reason is that Diablo III is close to release and soon my life will be over. :P

So I’ve really found what I needed from such a game in Avatar Fight! Both for iPhone and iPad, Avatar Fight is the perfect fix for the RPG fanatic that doesn’t have time to play.


What it’s all about.

character screen avatar fight


The concept is simple: you have a toon, and together with you, you always take pets. Pets help you in defense and attack. You have no control over the actual fight and while this might discourage hardcore RPG fans, this is actually a cool thing! You need to pay more attention to the pets you will have with you, your items and upgrades, your skills, etc. It’s all about finding the setup that works best for you.

Stamina: Having stamina is the reason that this ia a casual game. You get three stamina per hour and your stamina reaches its max at 12. So if you want to play competitively, you have to spend your stamina every four hours. Needing less than 5 minutes to spend your stamina, it’s a great way to take a break but at the same time not spend an awful amount of time at it.



contests in avatar fight

Every few hours (when a contest ends and a new one begins) you can enroll in a contest. Contests are tiered and you fight against another player automatically. The winner gets to move to the next round until the final battle. Even if you don’t have the best equipment, joining only still gives you some experience and money so it’s a great thing to check every time you open the game.


Check out the following video to see how actually the game works.


Tips and tricks for Avatar Fight

This game is simple but leaves many things for the players to explore. After playing for quite some time, here are the best tips I can think of that will help you take your character to a whole other level.

Boosts: Energy potion is one of the things you always need to get from the store. You can take one every eight hours and it costs 300 gold. The energy potion gives you 8 stamina so you can fight more enemies in the same amount of time. Even if you don’t have a lot of money, always get this potion! If you win all the 8 fights, you will get back approximately 8×30 gold = 240 and there’s a chance you will also get one or two chests that can give you crystals, items, weapons and potions, so not even will it not be a minus to your balance but is actually a profitable thing to do.

Pumpkins cost 600 gold and give you 12 stamina but they’re not that money efficient. Yes, you will level up faster, but money is the most important part of the game and it’s a bad thing to spend it, especially in the beginning where you need the best items you can get. If after some time playing, you feel wealthy, start buying pumpkins too.

Weapons: In the first levels, weapons are not that powerful, so check what you can buy from the store with what money you have left. The best thing to do is get one or two starting ones and wait for a better one to drop from a chest. Later on you NEED to buy “Ice Burst Blade” and “Laser Sword”. They are both amazing weapons.

Pets: Pets are one of the most important aspects of the game. They are responsible for taking damage instead of you and also deal damage to the enemy. In the beginning you need to get defensive pets in order to be able to survive longer and in the end win. ;) In the beginning you can have only two pets with you, but later on by gaining a skill (skills are analyzed soon) you will be able to have three. Get a starting pet like Racoon, then go for two stamina pets like Panda and Brown Bear and when you have enough money go for the two best pets of the game, Red Dragon and Blue Dragon.

Skills: From the School screen you are able to learn new skills that you will automatically use in battle. Let’s see what you need to get:

Counter Attack: Essential

Precocious: Removes the level restrictions of items but it’s so expensive that getting it is pointless, even if you donate.

Batter Master: Good to get

Wrath: Essential (good for damage)

Last Blood: CHEAT! When you are about to die, you are resurrected and given the chance to do one more blow to the enemy. Have won quite some fights due to that skill!

Lighting Strike: Not sure about this skill, get it if you have enough money.

Call Friend: A MUST. You are able to summon a friend from your friends list that will help you with your battle. It’s an amazing skill that will help you a lot! The friend should be + or – three levels from you so you need to add a lot of friends so you are always able to have a partner with you. More on friending later on.

Pets Master: Essential again. You are able to summon three pets instead of two. How cool is that? ;)

For the rest of the skills I will update the post soon when I get them and test.

Contests: Always join contests when they are available. No matter how strong you are, you will get some money and exp from it.

Guilds: It’s great to join a guild because you will be able to get crystals much cheaper than from the auction. There are guildwars so being in a helpful and good guild will help tremendously.

Friends: You have to have two kinds of friends. Friends close to your level (so that the Call Friend skill works good) and some very high level friends, so that you can free yourself from being captured by another player.

Kingdom: The kingdom concept is great. Instead of just fighting an enemy, you can capture them; and until they are released, you will get a cut from their earnings! The same can happen to you, however, and from that screen you will be able to fight your owner and free yourself so you will get more money per fight. It’s not a great money making strategy, but it’s fun. :P

Equipment: In the beginning you don’t have any choice than to just get the simple items that the seller sells, or just wait for some chests to drop some. Later on you will be able to choose from Steel and Knight items. Choose the Knight when you can. Steel are better because they can be upgraded but to upgrade an item you will need a LOT of money so for the first levels its out of the question.


In the end it all comes down to what you really want from a mobile game. Personally I really like the fact that it doesn’t need a lot of time in order for someone to stay competitive.  Check the game for iPhone or iPad, and add me as a friend “AppleCasts” and if you want, join the “Arena” guild and let’s rock! :)

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3 Comments to Looking for the best casual iphone RPG game? Avatar Fight is here!
    • lepel
    • Avatar Fight is a great and really addicting game :) Me and a bunch of friends have been playing for a few weeks now and are already busy getting the best gear in the game to own!

      We also set up a Wiki website supported by the developers of the game: http://www.avatarfightwiki.com ;)

    • Lazycat
    • very simple game for the most part. tons of fun.
      Can’t play all day. You are limited by your amount of “energy” you have. So you can do everything you can do in about 1-3 hours a day.

      No where is on their website is there any help or how to’s. All I found was http://www.avatarfightguide.com which is a work in progress. Has some great info but still not complete. I still find myself searching for hours on their forum to find an actual answer.

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