Facebook for iPad just got released

Facebook for iPad is out

After quite some time of waiting, the Facebook iPad Application is available at the AppStore. From what I’ve heard, Facebook was to announce it at the Apple Keynote speech, but recent events didn’t let Apple make it happen. The update was pushed yesterday and it is now a universal application for all the devices.

To tell you the truth, I didn’t think that Facebook could create a good experience for the iPad but I couldn’t be more wrong! Since I haven’t been using Facebook for a while, I thought to just download the app and check it out in case they did anything worth mentioning. After spending three hours on Facebook (that’s a first for me) all I can say is that it’s one of the best applications out there, usability and feature-wise.

Facebook iPad application in action
Facebook iPad application in action

After logging in, you will instantly understand that it’s a completely new experience. First of all, everything is modular, and this really helps create space on such a small screen. The menu button reveals all the available options so you can check groups, events, photos, fan pages or anything else. If you close that menu, you will have the chat available.

facebook ipad chat

facebook ipad navigationYour past chats (and the chats you’re waiting a reply from) will be on top in case you want to go back to something, and push notifications really help you stay in touch with your friends. The whole menu, notification and search experience is very good and now really can replace the browser version, helping Facebook climb up to the Most Downloaded Apps charts of the AppStore.

There’s really not anything else that I can say right now: download the app from the App Store,  see how the new version will perform for you and let’s find out what more Facebook will do in order to stay 0n top of the social networks for the years to come.


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